Let your training begin!

I, Vigilante is your ultimate source for financial independence training, complete with specific tools and advice, explanation of underlying motives, and rampant cursing!

I'm The Vigilante, your mentor. I'm here to show you the virtue of unapologetic selfishness ("I"), the virtue of rebelling from authority and expectations often ("Vigilante"), and how it is all intimately connected to your ability to live a happy, healthy, and ridiculously fulfilling life.

But it won't be easy. I will pull at the most basic fibers of your being. I will tear your current belief system apart, thread by thread, and - to continue this meaningless, tortured analogy about textiles - sew you back up into a fucking Kevlar vest of protection from the general stupidity outside.

If you think you can join the ranks of the Vigilantes, I strongly recommend you try Basic Training for an introduction, then read all the posts, comment, and subscribe!

The Vigilante