Echo Chamber (Links)

Every hero team-up needs a hideout.

Need more heroes?

These Vigilantes belong in the Echo Chamber because even if their content differs in one respect or another, they all share one important trait: They reject common Normie beliefs in exchange for the unrelenting use of reason. I highly recommend considering all that they have to offer – even when they’re wrong!


Biglaw Investor

A pro in managing high-income personal finance, the Biglaw Investor is one of the few personal finance bloggers I have come across who has felt the pain of six-figure individual student loan debt that was even more substantial than mine. This blog is a phenomenal source for all things related to tax, student loans, and potential changes coming to both.


ESI Money

If you couldn’t guess from my desire to host a guest post by ESI Money on 529s, I like what I see on this site. There’s a lot of experience and thoughtfulness behind the posts, and therefore a lot of healthy skepticism, as in this recent post asking “Why Don’t They Publish the Net Worths of Financial ‘Experts’?


Freedom Is Groovy

For all their wardrobe faults, sometimes hippies do some great writing! I’m only becoming familiar with this blog now, but it impresses me every time I finish a post. I highly recommend checking out the “Junior IRA” ideas, if you just need to get your theoretical financial juices flowing. (And who doesn’t?)


Go Curry Cracker!

Financial independence blog run by a couple who retired in their 30s. They share everything ranging from travel debriefings to philosophy to explanations of financial vehicles to book reviews. Also, the title is surprisingly not a racial slur, but rather a really great story you’ll have to read for yourself!



A wise, retired blogger who posts about money, business, and life in general. His legendary Stock Series covers nearly everything you could ever need to know about investing. And it was written for his young daughter, so it is incredibly easy to digest and actually quite addicting once you begin!


Mad Fienstist

Classic financial independence blogger. Useful resource for pursuing, predicting, and achieving financial independence as efficiently as possible. Tons of useful calculators and tips on how to structure savings for efficiency and early withdrawals, and he’s always updating. Also the guy who cleverly nailed down the perfect financial independence URL early on.


Mr. Money Mustache

Financial independence blogger with the philosophical underpinnings of a real Vigilante. Direct enough to punch you in the face at exactly the right moment when you’re doing it wrong. My personal favorite, second only to I, Vigilante.


Physician on FIRE

Not what you think. A anesthesiologist who shuns the lifestyle inflation of most doctors, living on about $80,000 per year. Oh, is that what you thought? Regardless, a great source for discussion of lifestyle balance, attaining financial independence after taking on tremendous debt and getting a late start, and self-deprecating humor. So much self-deprecating humor…and so much valuable information for high-income savers!


Root of Good

Financial independence blogger who has so much in common with The Vigilante that I think one day we will meet and it will once and for all solve the time travel paradox of meeting yourself. Sorry if the universe ends at our hands, but then again – the nihilist in me (us?) might not really be that sorry.



With quite possibly the most appropriate division of categories on any personal finance website, ThinkSaveRetire gives you precisely the road map you need to get yourself in the right mindset, live the life you want while building wealth, and then manage your wealth in retirement. If retiring at 35 isn’t enough to peak your interest, maybe the direct, conversational writing style will. It’s honestly like you’re sitting with them in their kitchen over coffee.