6 Comments on "The Benefits of Health Savings Accounts: Your Tax Attorney Hates This Guy"

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Fervent Finance

My fiancee reminds me all the time that I’m not a normie when I comment about how normies handle their finances. “But I can help them,” I say. Too bad many people look at advice or suggestions as you talking down to them or saying they are incapable…

This is a timely post as I’m right in the middle of annual enrollment at my day job and I’ve been reading up on HSAs and realizing how stupid I’ve been by not using one for years. i ran the numbers and by switching to a higher deductible plan and opening an HSA I’ll be able to fund the HSA with the savings from my now lower premiums. If we have a rough year and I have to dip into the HSA I’ve at least gotten some tax savings and hopefully some earnings. If we have a good year that… Read more »
Mr. Groovy

Hey, IV. Excellent post. I thought it was wise to always cash-flow your minor health expenses and leave your HSA investments alone, regardless of your financial situation. But if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, the notion of leaving your HSA alone isn’t very practical. Thank you for making me a little wiser. And thank you for driving home the glories of the HSA. If you’re financially strong, and can easily handle everyday medical expenses, HSAs are the best saving vehicle ever devised by man.