Origin Story

Yes, this is me. Yes, the bearskin rug resulted from my first hunt.

Who is The Vigilante?

While my exact identity is something of an intriguing mystery,1 I feel as though my beautiful readers / dutiful followers / admiring worshippers deserve at least a brief overview of who The Vigilante is.

I’m a young, millennial attorney with a lot of debt, a few assets, and a lot of work to do. But despite being your stereotypical millennial – crushed under student loan debt, graduating into an over-saturated labor market for attorneys, and having no trust fund to fall back on – I don’t despair: Mrs. Vigilante and I are on a breathtakingly fast journey to financial independence, and we want to share it with the world!

For what it’s worth, I find that I tend to get along best with two groups: Young adults who enjoy the small things and don’t take themselves too seriously, and 60+ year old retirees who earned a decent living and saved a substantial nest egg through blue-collar work, and who now look back on the world and say things like “Millennials aren’t all fuck-ups; just every one I know. You got a light, son?”

What is this blog about?

This blog is not just about making money, saving money, or investing money. It’s about a philosophy of enjoying life.

I’m here to show you the virtue of unapologetic selfishness (“I”), the virtue of rebelling from authority and expectations often (“Vigilante”), and how it is all intimately connected to your ability to live a happy, healthy, and ridiculously fulfilling life.

I bring together basic economics, science, psychology, finance, logic, and at times excessive foul language to form a suit of armor for a sensible, responsible life based upon that philosophy. A life that makes for a healthy, wealthy, and wise Vigilante.


Join me on my path to FI, and let’s start a revolution!

(Well, probably not, but I’m fired up from watching too much Daredevil on Netflix.)


  1. It has been called “One of the internet’s most poorly-kept secrets.”